miércoles, 12 de julio de 2017


 intial situation

 work in process

 the babies! over 170 for this one

I gotta new tattoo!

photo by: Kristo Lindpere


 testing caps

Ints ordering a jack daniels


 photo by @slippingaway Karim Heredia

the scale

My most detailed piece ever done! Commision for Tabasco advertisement agency, "Agency of the year"
location: Arsenal Keskus, Tallinn, Estonia
dimensions: 7x3m

martes, 30 de mayo de 2017


Initial situation, edukontor wall

Sketch watercolor on paper

The babies

 Process photo by Agustin Guerrero


The Scale

Front page in Saarte Hääl newspaper

"The miraculous catch" for the first Tänavafestival in Kuressaare
Location: Kohtu 2, Kuressaare
Dimensions: 8x12m approx.
Project: Kuressaare Tänavafestival 2017
Thank you to all the organizers to make this possible, especial mention to my wife who was in charge of the art section in this festival, I hope see all of you next year in another big wall!