martes, 3 de octubre de 2017


Mextonia festival

official line up!

The whole mextonia crew in the opening ceremony at harbour :D

Trying diferent shots with my model Liispet Viira @liisbetsy (instagram)

Sketch for my first wall

The wall!
photo by ©Yoshitaro Yanagita

Photo by ©Yoshitaro Yanagita

The wall 5th stories building - first strokes!

Sunset from the top

Meeting awesome people ft Martha Cooper @marthacoopergram (instagram)

ft Os Gemeos my idols! @osgemeos (instagram)

ft my bro Five8 thanks for that jacket :D

Little break to eat something

Amazing shot by ©Nickie Robinson

A little interview in Postimees click here! to read it

Shot process by ©Yoshitaro Yanagita

Shot process by ©Yoshitaro Yanagita

Shot process by ©Yoshitaro Yanagita what a genius my bro!

Having viking era day!

Final shots

Detail by ©Yoshitaro Yanagita

Shot process by ©Yoshitaro Yanagita

Shot process by ©Yoshitaro Yanagita

Final shot by ©Yoshitaro Yanagita

Mextonia mural tour by ©Yoshitaro Yanagita

"Metsik ja sõnajalaõis"
This piece is based on the construction of a dreamlike landscape where standing out in foreground is the elf of the forests "metsik" characterized by a young woman with blonde-long hair, she wears a green dress in summer and spring. The character keeps levitating in her hands the farn flower "sõnajalaõis" that according to the legend who finds that flower she/he will get all the wealth and happiness of the world.
I wanted to join these legends & myths because for me it represents very well estonians who have a strong connection with nature, on the other hand keep alive the illusion of a constant "search of sõnajalõis", it can take a shape of a constant search of innovation, search of a more integred society, search of keeping the peace and so on. Where the final reward is much more valuable than any material wealth.

Many thanks to everyone who made this possible Édgar Sánchez Sigre Tompel Nueve Arte Urbano Incusa KolorDot thanks for your gift guys! Pinturas Osel
A big hug to all my Mexican friends gueeyy! :) I hope see you soon guys.
Thank you too all the photographers who covered the event Martha Cooper Nickie Robinson Yoshitaro Yanagita Instagrafite
Thanks to my model Liispet Viira :)
shout out to my roommates! Five Eight Aaron Glasson Cinzah Merk :)

NB!!!!! enjoy my piece before will be covered for a new building in front.

Location: Vana-kalamaja 16 Tallinn, Estonia
Event: Mextonia Festival

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