miércoles, 8 de noviembre de 2017


Initial situation

First steps

Autumn painting in estonia

Tired of hearing about many stories from expats (friends & acquaintances), regarding attitudes of intolerance from a society where I can't see enough integration and tolerance towards people who don't speak the locals' language. Knowing about attitudes of intolerance towards us who have different skin color, towards those, us who have a foreing linguistic accent, etc.
I sincerely have to say that is sad to see how some people express themselves towards their Russian speaking minority neighbors that live here, etc, etc... My humble opinion, a small country shouldn't have such closed mindset, because diversity is wealth. I wish for the next generation to be a generation without prejudices nor obsolete idiologies of hatred.
That being said, I want to honor supermodel Ajak Deng, @iajakdeng who has been one of most successful international runways models. Over almost a decade, she has modeled for #dior#louisvuitton #valentino #marcjacobs#chloe and #jpgaultier She starred in armful of global campaigns. Over the course of her career, Ajak has been vocal about her struggles with intolerance in the industry and in her daily life. In 2016 she quit modelling because she said the industry is too intolerant towards people like her.

For now I will continue teaching you new colors.

Photos by Agustin Guerrero

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