martes, 25 de octubre de 2016


 Initial situation

 My sweet little helper Berit

 Action... photo by Aivo Jeez

 Thank you very much to this amazing person who gave me this delicious present when I was painting :)

 some architectural stencil, no computer, no print out, no nothing, just brain, ruler and knife and after hanging out...ahahah

 yo yo! Salme and Ita working

 my collabo team represent!



Complete wall
My 4th time in Street art jam baltic session and as always it is a great time, great people working hard to make it possible. I want to thank all these people who helped me to fill the canvas, who wrote and sent me photos of the process, who gave me good vibes in different languages walking by the wall, Big thanks to Salme, little Berit, JJ organizers and Special thanks to Ita Puusepp and her mother Urve you both took care of me nicely so that I didn't get sick again :)
Location: Laagri Train Stop, Tallinn, Estonia
Dimensions: 20x3m
Project: Street Art Jam Baltic Session 2016

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