lunes, 10 de agosto de 2015


About my participation in "Sõnum Seinal" street art festival
photo by © Aivo Pölluäär

Beautiful city and perfect weather, so hot weather!!

Initial situation....

En la torre de control :)

Process photo by © Aivo Pölluäär

Process photo by © Aivo Pölluäär

Process photo by ints

Process photo by © Aivo Pölluäär


 Exactly location of the walls (red dot)

 Who is the imposter?

 My new tattoo :P

 ft my man b-boy Mars thank you very much man for help me to paint between bricks!

final picture!
Sõnum Seinal street art festival 2015
location: Pärnu, Estonia
Dimentions: 9.5x6m

Special thanks to Keiu Telve and your staff for make this possible and everyone that voted for my sketch in the sketch contest thank you very muuuuchhhhh!!!
if you want to see the others works just follow this link here!

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