lunes, 27 de abril de 2015


Initial situation (Pargi 9) street.


7am morning, Tartu streets. izak wake up! you must go to paint!

Process. photo © Sirla

Process, photo © Tartu Linn

Process, photo © Spekter

My dear new friends in this country!! I was very lucky to meet a couple of great artists, Valentin Vaher & Vivian Vaher (owners of wall) very friendly, wonderful and kind people, thank you very much for these väga maitsev lunches, I will remember you forever.

#Stencibility Street art festival. Thank you Sirla and you whole staff.

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(No siempre es ver para creer)
Location: Pargi 9 street, Tartu, Estonia 2015.
Dimensions: 8,40 x 3,50m. 
Thanks to: Valentin Vaher, Vivian Vaher, Sirla, Kala, Miki, and special thanks to Katre for letting me stay in her ilus home :)
I will wait more photos to expand this post.
Big resolution here

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